Already Wearing Hijab, Zaskia Sungkar Continue to Learn to Learn Islam

There is no satisfied word in learning. At least that’s the motto of Zaskia Sungkar. Although now he has been wearing hijab and shariah appear with the clothing, Zaskia still confess if he is studying and will continue to learn to deepen Islam.

Zaskia Sungkar was grateful that he was still given the opportunity to visit the house of God in order to run the umrah worship. Zaskia feels at this moment that he has been comfortable with the life he has. But that does not mean he was off guard and stopped learning. He still feels lacking and intends to continue learning in deepening Islam, the religion he loves.

If man does not continue to deepen his religion, then there is a chance of shaitan will enter and whisper us with temptations – temptations that make it far from Him. Therefore, Zaskia as much as possible always come to the studies – studies to deepen their knowledge and keep it away from the temptation of satan.


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