Her Daughter Threatened, Jonathan Frizzy Reports to the Police

Jonathan Frizzy went to Polda Metro Jaya to report threatening letter from unidentified person. Jonathan Frizzy arrived at Polda on Thursday (26/4) at around 1.15 pm.

“I want to report it, there are people who are trying to threaten me, there is a letter coming to my house on Monday,” said Jonathan Frizzy at Polda Metro Jaya before making a police report.

Besides himself, Jonathan Frizzy’s children are also subjected to threats. Even his daughter was threatened with rape. “My daughter wants to be raped,” she said further.

To complete the police report, Jonathan Frizzy brought evidence in the form of threatening letters and home video cameras.


Quote translated from : Tabloid Bintang
Photo : Majalah Kartini


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