Career Moderate Up, Luna Maya Not Want to Marry With Reino Barack

Luna Maya continues to be hunted about the question ‘When to get married?’. Luna also replied if at this time he did not want to get married because his career is uphill.

Luna Maya is well aware if her age is not young anymore. But he admitted that if he himself is not ready to marry now. There are still many dreams he wants to achieve before actually becoming a wife. Luna denies that she is unmarried because she has not received the blessing of Reino Barack’s parents.

“Hmmmm, I think the name of the adult who determines it must be two people first ya, want what baseball. It’s an outside affair, just after the two people want it. Well, coincidence not yet. The point is not still do not want ya, but oh how ya. Later if I say gini-gini, there must be a reply ‘why gini-gini so’. But because we are running, we know that everything is perfect timingnya, “said Luna Maya, quoted Okezone (6/6).

Luna’s career is now beginning to climb again into consideration as well to delay marriage.

“Some say, ‘ah already age this what the hell is pursued’ I tuh how many years absence you know. And this time in terms of my career is climbing up again, I think ok this is a good prospect for me, while I still have energy and strength. There are people who say already aged this way, yes thinking people are different. And that too baseball change the level of my happiness, my grateful taste, “he said

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