Married Entrepreneur Rich, This Luxury House Actress FTV Sylvia

Sylvia Fully Rahaesita’s name can not be separated from the spotlight since starring in a number of FTV and soap operas. The peak of his fame when he was involved in ‘Heart Series 2’.

Sylvia started a career in the selection of Miss Celebrity Indonesia in 2010. Previously, he had fought in Indonesian Idol 2010, but his steps stalled in the elimination round.

But after deciding to marry a businessman named Ets Putera in 2010, Sylvia’s face is no longer visible on the screen. In his young age, Sylvia’s husband has become CEO and owner of PT Geo Putera Perkasa (GPP). His company is experienced in providing crude oil distribution services in Cepu Block, Bojonegoro, East Java.

Having a rich husband, no wonder Sylvia lives in luxury. In the photos uploaded on his Instagram account, it shows how magnificent Sylvia’s house is.


Quote translated from : Dream
Photo : Tribunnews Bogor


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